Archiving the Work of Dan Wynn

I never met Dan Wynn, but I've watched his life and career over the past two years, by archiving his immense body of work.  From early 8x10 color beauty portraits from late the 1940's, to the idealistic fashions of the 1950's, to his movement from the studio to more environmental work, capturing 1960's artists, writers, politicians and contributors to every corner of society, captured in beautiful crisp medium format black and white.  The list of work, subjects and clients is long, and I still feel as if I'm just getting into it.   As I go through negatives and contact sheets, editing and scanning, I imagine what it was like to work for him in his studio.  When I find a picture of one of his assistants posing for test shots, holding a chalkboard  with f-stops and ASAs, wearing a black rubber film developing apron, it's like finding a treasure. Coming across an amazing story of an important midcentury artist - young, energetic in their studio, it's like stepping back in time. The aim of this blog will be to take you back in time as well and delve deeper into the images and the stories behind them.   I hope you enjoy!  - Geraldine Baum